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Boat Tour to the Wild life Refuge Caño Negro

Community-based rural tourism is a complementary activity that gives the possibility ofeconomic receipts to the farmer families and the communities, while contributing to theeconomic sustainability of the families.
In addition, receipts generated in tourism can be used as financial support in agrarian moments of weakness. Taking into consideration the threats and risks of the farmers, losing their farmland. The access to complementary financial receipts can also help to raise the living standard of the family members.
A cheerful rural world, with possibilities for development also reduces the tendency to move from the farmland to the city. It is for sure that community-based tourism encourages the proposal that tourism can help to complement the familiar and communal economics: “It reinforces the development of the agriculture, fishing, craft, small agro tourism transport and other services.”
Our lodging possibilities can offer you intercultural exchange with farmer families and the rural population. It will be possible to experience Latin- American culture and to share everyday life with a family.
You can choose between a room inside the house of the family, an ecological lodge or a log cabin depending on the possibilities offered by the community.

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