Caño Negro Boat Tour

A caiman spotted during the Caño Negro boat tour

A caiman spotted during the Caño Negro boat tour

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 Caño Negro Boat Tour (Zona Norte)

The Caño Negro boat tour is a great way to discover the wildlife refuge with its countless migratory birds, caimans, turtles and fishes. For three hours you will drive on the Río Frío and through several lagoons and have the chance to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the wetlands which are of international importance for migratory birds.

The Wetlands of Caño Negro

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, located in the North of the country, is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area and consists of a system of rivers and lakes that hosts a biodiversity of great importance being food supply for a variety of species, including migratory birds coming from northern countries. The Caño Negro boat tour is therefore a perfect place for watching birds like darters, storks, ibis or spoonbills. But also various mammals including pumas, jaguars, tapirs and caimans found here a save shelter. In fact, you can see in Caño Negro the largest population of caimans in the country and it is also home to the Gaspar fish, which is considered as a living fossil.

In order to provide the tour, JAZON cooperates with the Caño Negro community who is committed to the conservation of its most important natural attraction, the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge.

Duration: 3 hours
Inclusive: Excursion on boat, guide, lunch with a family
Level of Difficulty: Low

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