Río Celeste Hiking Tour

The famous Waterfall in the Tenorio National Park - Río Celeste Hiking Tour

The famous Waterfall in the Tenorio National Park – Río Celeste Hiking Tour

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Río Celeste Hiking Tour

Tenorio National Park

Flowing through the Tenorio National Park, Río Celeste is with its 30-meter-tall waterfall and the blue coloration of its water one of the most beautiful rivers in Costa Rica. JAZON offers in cooperation with local guides the Río Celeste hiking tour which lasts 4-5 hours and takes you to the most scenic spots of the area. Afterwards you are invited to enjoy a tasty lunch at a local family’s restaurant.

Hot Springs, Waterfalls and the Blue Lagoon

The Tenorio National Park is situated between the cantons of Guatuso and Upala of Alajuela and is characterized by the volcanic mountain range of Guanacaste. In this area exists a variety of environments, ecosystems and species, distributed in 8 different life zones, ranging from premontane rainforest to basal transition to elfin cloud forest. The national park is famously known for the blue coloration of its water. This unique phenomenon is caused by a chemial reaction of volanic minerals which mix at a certain part of the river. Moreover, Río Celeste borders several hot springs which are evidence for the volcanic origin of the national park.

The route through the Tenorio National Park is 3.5 km long and following attractions are being visited during the hike:

  • The Río Celeste waterfall with its height of 30 meters
  • The panoramic viewpoint (overlooking the Massif of the Volcano Tenorio and Montezuma)
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • The Bubblings
  • The Hot Springs
  • The “Teñideros”, where, if the climate permits, the curious phenomenon of the blue coloration of the water can be observed.

Because of the policy of the national park administration it is not allowed to swim in the Río Celeste

  • You can find more information about the Tenorio National Park  here (only in Spanish).

Duration: 4-5 hours
Inclusive: Local guide, lunch, park entrance fee
Level of Difficulty: High

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1 Person: 120 USD

2 Persons: 146 USD

3 Persons: 173 USD

4 Persons: 200 USD

The price for 4 or more persons each is 50 USD.

Transportation is not included. If you need any assistance, please contact us for more information and the price at info@costaricaruraltours.com

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