Agricultural Day Tour

How to milk a cow taught during the agricultural day tour

How to milk a cow taught during the agricultural day tour

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Agricultural Day Tour

(San Marcos de Cutris)

The agricultural day tour is a window into the daily life of Costa Rican farmers. By experiencing several of their agricultural activities and visiting various families, the local culture can be appreciated. During this 6 hour tour, you will also be shown how the farmers make use of waste in order to minimize their contamination and improve the quality of their family life amongst other things.

The Agricultural Community of San Marcos

San Marcos de Cutris, located in the Northern Zone of San Carlos, is a community caring about environmental conservation and the rescue of traditional Costa Rican culture. You will visit the farm of a family cultivating pineapples for over 30 years and there be explained the whole cultivation process. And of course, you can taste fresh pineapple! Moreover, this tour also offers the opportunity to milk cows, make tortillas by hands and prepare coffee the traditional Costa Rican way.

Duration: 6 hours
Inclusive: Guide, tasting and lunch
Level of Difficulty: Low

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1 Person: 70 USD

2 Persons: 90 USD

3 Persons: 120 USD

4 Persons: 140 USD

The price for 4 or more persons each is 45 USD.

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