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Valle Azul Agricultural Day Tour

Valle Azul Agricultural Day Tour

The agricultural day is like a window on the daily life of peasant families in their different agricultural activities: milking, making webbed tortillas and dripping coffee. This is the opportunity to know how to live in the countryside and live a real experience of peasant culture, come and live with us this experience.

Tortillas, Coffee and Pineapples

The agricultural day tour takes place in Valle Azul de San Ramón just 30 minutes from Arenal La Fortuna, it is located in the north, it is a beautiful community that cares about the conservation of the environment and the rescue of traditional culture. We will visit the Herrera Elizondo family to learn about their local culture, how they use waste to minimize pollution and improve the quality of life of families, among other things.

There they will explain the whole process of the pineapple and of course you will be able to enjoy the sweet flavor of this tasty pineapple. And if you dare, you can learn to milk, make webbed tortillas and squeeze coffee through a traditional cooking class that the family does not offer. We will enjoy a delicious lunch and we can see activities of the farm as production of ornamental plants and fish.

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