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Tour to Medicinal Plants Farm (La Fortuna)

Tour to Medicinal Plants Farm

Have you ever been curious about medicinal plants and how they can positively effect our body? In this tour you have the chance to learn about herbal medicine at a local medicinal plants farm in La Fortuna. The farm is only a short 8-minutes walk away from the city center of La Fortuna which makes the tour to a comfortable way to enjoy an afternoon without the town’s hustle and bustle.

Tasting What Makes You Healthy

The Integral Farm with medicinal plants from the Berrocal Sandoval family is located in the Z13 community of La Fortuna. This family offers a tour of their integral farm in which the owner, Cristina, will explain the curative properties of medicinal plants and herbs. Moreover the process of harvesting, drying and industrializing the plants will be explained. You also will have the opportunity to taste a delicious herbal tea and in the end, the family will serve you a traditional lunch at their home.

Duration: 4 hours

Inclusive: Guide, entrance to the Integral Farm, lunch and tea tasting

Level of Difficulty: Low

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