Costa Rica Rural Tours

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JAZON guides its visitors, categorizing the tours according to the degree of difficulty or physical effort required for the tours:
Low: the walks are of a recreational nature, short and principally performed in flat terrain.
Medium: the hikes are of a recreational nature, lasting up to two and a half hours and performed in a relatively flat land.
High: the hikes are performed during more than two hours through rough terrain; it requires good physical condition to carry out these routes.

The Tours of JAZON offer the following additional values:
• Approach to the daily life of farmers.
• Components of ecological and sustainable projects in harmony with nature.
• Locations that promote cultural exchange with communities, including the experience of living with local families.
• Non-traditional tourist destinations.


JAZON offers the services of local guides, certified by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism. In case of groups travelling with Tour Leader or Tour Escort from the country of origin of the clients, JAZON provides support for this type of touristic operations by offering a general or local guide whospeaks Spanish or English.


In general we offer three types of accommodation, all addressed to visitors with spirit to share experiences and learn from the culture of rural families.
These types of accommodation offered by JAZON are:

Accommodation in Family Houses
This accommodation intends the tourist to be hosted in a room inside the family home, promoting cultural exchange and sharing the ambience of living together in the family. The bathroom is usually shared.

Accommodation in Ecolodges
Accommodation in projects with community or family character, rooms with private bathrooms in bungalow style and a number of rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Most of these accommodations offer internet and telephone service, food service in a restaurant and access to hiking trails.

Accommodation in Cabins or Guest Houses
These are family projects located next to the family houses, offering accommodation in cabins with private bathroom. Most of these establishments include Internet and telephone service, food service and access to hiking trails.


Ask for our package: "Between Two Oceans" as well as individual packages to suit the client!


"Volunteering is the word we use to describe the efforts made to do "good" beyond economic and personal interests. It is a call, an election as legitimate as a career choice. It is an opportunity to learn and grow through serving others." M. Scott Peck, M.D.

The project "Vacations with farming families" values the work of our volunteers. Therefore we invite you to our communities to be part of the program and enjoy the life and culture of the farming families in rural areas. The purpose of this program is to contribute to the local sustainable development of the communities by conducting communal work such as painting schools or churches, cleaning trails in the biological reserves or carrying out other activities to be done in the communities or on family farms.

JAZON offers updated information on the needs of labor and/or communal work. From here on interacts the Tour Operator disclosing volunteer programs which already exist or could be designed according to the needs of the communities, but also according to the requirements of the Tour Operator.