Offer of the year: 3 days

San Marcos De Cutris – An Agricultural Day; Caño Negro Boat Tour And Butterfly Farm

(3 days/ 2 nights)


Arrival to San Marcos de Cutris in the evening.

Accomodation in a house of a family.



An Agricultural Day
San Marcos de Cutris, located in the Northern Zone of San Carlos, is a community caring about environmental conservation and the rescue of traditional Costa Rican culture.
This tour is a window into the daily life of Costa Rican farmers. By experiencing several of their agricultural activities and visiting various families, the local culture can be appreciated. You will also be shown how the farmers make use of waste in order to minimize their contamination and improve the quality of their family life amongst other things.
You will visit the farm of a family cultivating pineapples for over 30 years and there be explained the whole cultivation process. And of course, you can taste fresh pineapple! This tour also offers the opportunity to milk cows, make tortillas by hands and prepare coffee the traditional Costa Rican way.

Continue the trip to the Caño Negro wildlife refuge.

Accommodation in Posada Rural or Oasis Caño Negro.


Boat tour to the wildlife refuge
The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, located in the North of the country, is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area and consists of a system of rivers and lakes that hosts a biodiversity of great importance being food supply for a variety of species, including migratory birds coming from northern countries. Here you can find the largest population of caimans in the country and it is also home to the Gaspar fish, which is considered as a living fossil.
The Caño Negro community is a community committed to the conservation of its most important natural attraction, the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. These wetlands are considered of international significance serving as a shelter for a large number of migratory species, species in danger of extinction and commercially important species.

Tour to Caño Negro butterfly farm
A group of local families from Caño Negro offer the visit of a Butterfly Farm during which the history of the site, the number of species, the reproduction process, the objective of conservation and the process of the artisan production are explained, while at the same time the great variety of orchids in the garden can be enjoyed. The families have managed to reproduce and protect species that are in danger of extinction.



FOR ONLY $ 272/ ₡ 136.000 per 2 persons

(included: 1x accommodation in the house of a family with 1x dinner, 1x breakfast, 1x Tour an agricultural day, 1x lunch, 1x accommodation in Posada Rural or Oasis Caño Negro with 1x cena, 1x breakfast, 1x Boat tour to the wildlife refuge Caño Negro, 1x Entrance to wildlife refuge, 1x Tour to  Caño Negro butterfly farm, 1x almuerzo, local guides

not included: transportation, additional foods and drinks, alcoholic drinks, other consumption)




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