Offer of the year: 4 days

Río Celeste, Green Lagoon, Hot Springs And Integral Farm

(3 days/ 2 nights)


Arrival at Río Celeste in the evening.

Accomodation in Posada Rural Río Celeste.



Walk in the Tenorio Volcano National Park to Rio Celeste
The Volcano Tenorio National Park is located in the Volcanic Mountain Range of Guanacaste. In this area exists a variety of environments, ecosystems and species, distributed in 8 different life zones, ranging from premontane rainforest to basal transition to elfin cloud forest.
The route through the Volcano Tenorio National Park is 3.5 km long and the following attractions are being visited during the hike: The Rio Celeste waterfall with its height of 30 meters, the panoramic viewpoint (overlooking the Massif of the Volcano Tenorio and Montezuma), the Blue Lagoon, the Bubblings, the Hot springs and the “Teñideros”, where, if the climate permits, the curious phenomenon of the blue coloration of the water can be observed.

Continue the journey to the Green Lagoon.

Accomodation In Albergue Montereal.



Juan Castro Blanco National Park – Hiking tour to the green Lagoon
The Juan Castro Blanco National Park is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area and located mainly in the southeast of the canton of San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela. JAZON operates a hike in this colorful and mountainous National Park during which a large variety of birds can be observed, for example, between March and April, the observation of the famous Quetzal is quite common, as well as a number of species of endemic plants can be found. The aim is to reach a lagoon of volcanic origin with emerald water and a depth of 15 meters. There you will enjoy the singing of birds and the beauty of this place.
After the hike the Vargas family will serve you a delicious lunch in their family restaurant.

Continue the trip to La Fortuna.

Hot springs “Los Laureles” in the afternoon.

Accomodation in Brizas Arenal o Cabinas Catarata La Fortuna.



Tour to Integral Farm with Medicinal Plants
The Integral Farm with medicinal plants from the Berrocal Sandoval family is located in the Z13 community of La Fortuna. This family offers a tour of their integral farm in which the owner, Cristina, will explain the curative properties of medicinal plants and herbs. Moreover the process of harvesting, drying and industrializing the plants will be explained. You also will have the opportunity to taste a delicious herbal tea and in the end, the family will serve you a traditional lunch at their home.



FOR ONLY $ 470/ ₡ 235.000 per 2 persons

(included: 1x accommodation in Posada Rural Río Celeste with 1x dinner, 1x breakfast, 1x Tour hike to Río Celeste, 1x Entrance to the national park Río Celeste, 1x lunch, 1x accommodation in Albergue Montereal with 1x dinner,1x breakfast, 1x Tour to the green lagoon, 1x Entrance to Juan Castro Blanco National Park, 1x lunch, 1x Entrance to hot springs Los Laureles, 1x accommodation in Brizas Arenal or Cabins Catarata La Fortuna with 1x cena, 1x breakfast, 1x tour to integral farm with medicinal plants, 1x lunch, local guides

not included: transportation, additional foods and drinks, alcoholic drinks, other consumption)




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