A country where you will never feel bored

Costa Rica extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea and its distance is 200 miles. The variety of landscapes and microclimates that can be enjoyed in one day, make this country a wonderful destination. In only 51mil square miles the traveler can find sun and beach, adventure, nature and culture – all necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of tourists whose find in Costa Rica their ideal vacation place.

With our travel programs you will get to know the authentic culture of the rural zone, the main natural attractions and  major national parks. We offer programs that we can design according to your dreams and interests.

Get to know a unique culture and a great part of the worldwide biodiversity in Costa Rica

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Our authentic Costa Rica

The Agro-ecological Youth Organization of the Northern Zone (JAZON) believes in the concept of Rural Community-based Tourism. Based on this idea JAZON has been organized and trained in order to support farming families in the Northern Zone to supplement their farming activity by the tourism activity, offering a quality service and the opportunity for visitors to experience and enjoy the grandeur of Costa Rican nature and culture.

Although the partners of JAZON belong to the Northern Zone of the country, JAZON designs touristic products all over Costa Rica, the South of Nicaragua, and the province of Chiriqui (North of Panama) with farming families, considering the Rural Community-based Tourism as a tool for the development of their communities.

The touristic offer of JAZON articulates experiences of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama with the aim to connect rural tourism products throughout whole Mesoamerica.

Find your favourite way to explore Costa Rica and his neighbour states

You like to get in contact with the population of your travel destination? You like to feel and live the culture, but neither miss the famous attractions of the country? You expect to be guided and advised by bilingual travel experts with a great experience of tourism in Central America?

Than take a look at our travel packages!

We offer you a authentic experience while traveling through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. You will explore the culture and get in contact with the people from the rural zone who are representing the true national life as well as enjoy the main attractions that the unique nature over here provides!

With a mixture of cultural events, hiking tours, boat trips, encounters with nature or relaxing on the beach and overnight stays at ecological accommodations like eco-lodges, family ruled cabinas or in the houses of local families you will leave the country with a backpack full of stunning new experiences, with a bunch of impressions that will be hard to forget and inspired to reflect about everything you learned and got to know in this beautiful part of the world.

So take a look at our first suggestions: Costa-Nica – a three-days-long circuit through northern Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua; Costa Rica at your rhythm – a 18-days-long journey through Costa Rica at your travel speed and in your own rented car; Between two oceans – a 16-days-long journey through Costa Rica from one coast to the other passing the northern and central zone of the country with driver and guide.

Or contact us to request your personal travel package according to your preferences and wishes. Our travel experts will organize you the perfect route through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama and can give you the best advice. Contact us here!

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