Costa Rica Rural Tours

General policies and commercial conditions

Policies and programs of sustainability

The Association JAZON undertakes that its operations are environmentally and socially responsible in the area where it operates. For this, JAZON received trainings on good practice in sustainable tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility and develops projects such as recycling projects. At the moment we expect the Municipality of San Ramon to collect the recycling material of the community, but so far we are recycling the waste we generate in the office and which some neighbors also leave in our installations on our own. We also support a local female group from the community of Florencia of San Carlos, working in the recycling sector, by providing them recycling material.

The general policies, with which the Association operates, are grouped as follows:

- Environmental policies: Program of water and electricity savings, classification of solid waste, green purchasing policy, customer information about environmental conservation and the behavior in protected areas.
-  Socio-cultural policies: Recruitment of local employees, support of small business and associations with interests in community and environmental development, purchases from local producers, billing according to the law, training for employees, support for the conservation of the cultural traditions of the area.

Currently the Association is working on a range of improvements in order to fulfill the requirements of the demand of tourists and especially of Tour Operators; the taken efforts are:

- JAZON is in the process of obtaining the Tourism Declaration.
- Documentation, training and implementation of an emergency plan for employees and guests.
- We have the Civil Liability Policy and Labor Risk Policy.

Reservation Conditions

- Any reservation must be received in written form via email or fax.
- The reservation department will receive the reservation request and respond via email or fax within 48 hours, indicating the time limit for the payment. JAZON cannot guarantee the reservation if the payment is not made on the requested date.
- Only written confirmations from JAZON are valid.
- The change of dates previously confirmed is subject to availability.
- NO pets are allowed, except guide dogs for blind persons, which must be indicated in the reservation request.

Cancellation Policies

All cancellations must be done in writing and with a received confirmation from JAZON. The following cancelation policies are applied:

- A full refund is applied if the cancellation is made 14 days before the date of the reservation minus $ 20 per person of administration fee.
- A partial refund (75%) is applied if the cancellation is made between 8 and 14 days before the date of reservation.
- No refund is applied if the cancellation is made during the stay in the country.
- No refund is applied for late cancellations, “no shows” or unused, previously reserved and confirmed portions of services.

Special Policies

- Prices for guides and chauffeurs: There are no discounts applicable for groups smaller than 4 people. For groups from 5 to 10 persons, one courtesy is applied for the guide and chauffer. For groups from 11 to 20 persons, two courtesies are applied.
- Special policies are applied for Fam Trips, Travel Inspections, Press and Groups. Please contact JAZON directly for detailed information.

Politics for children:

- Children under the age of 3 pay 0 %
- Children between 3 and 7 pay 50 %
- Children over the age of 8 pay 100 %

Payment Policies

- Any reservation must be guaranteed by bank deposit or electronic transfer with 20% of the full payment of the reservation.
- The remaining 80% is due 30 days prior to the arrival.
- We do not accept credit cards, only bank transfers in USD or the local currency.
- If the payments are received in Colons, the exchange rate prevailing on the date of the deposit or transfer will be applied.

Bank deposits or bank transfers should be made on the following bank accounts:

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Name: Asociación Jóvenes Agricultores de la Zona Norte.

Cédula: 3-002-270902

Cuenta Ahorro Dólares: 200-02-012-016450-9

Cuenta Cliente: 15101220020164503

Cuenta Colones: 200-01-012-024121-4

Cuenta Cliente: 15101220010241214

Impossibility to operate due to major force.

JAZON is not responsible to fulfill its obligations if any natural event, fire, flood, strike, lockout order of government authorities, or any reasonable circumstances beyond the control of JAZON occurs, precluding the company to provide the service. However, each case is negotiated directly with the Tour Operator seeking the satisfaction of the passengers and fair agreements between JAZON and the Tour Operator.