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Green Lagoon Hiking Tour Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Tour to the green well in the national park Juan Castro Blanco

Come with us and enjoy a hiking tour to the Green Lagoon through the Juan Castro Blanco National Park! This rather lesser frequented park is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area and located mainly in the southeast of the canton of San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela. It characterized by a high percentage of primary and rainforest and its mountainous profile. Volcanoes (Porvenir Volcan , Platanar Volcano and Volcan El Viejo), hot springs and the rather hidden Green Lagoon make a hike on the rugged trails to a unique experience.

Emerald Like the Lagoon’s Water: The Quetzal

During the tour through the colorful area of Juan Castro Blanco National Park, you have the chance to observe a large variety of birds. For example, between March and April, the observation of the famous Quetzal is quite common, as well as a number of species of endemic plants can be found. Moreover, various mammals like armadillos, monkeys and raccoons found a safe shelter within the national park.

The aim of the tour is to reach the Green Lagoon which is of volcanic origin with emerald water and a depth of 15 meters. There you will enjoy the singing of birds and the beauty of this place. To recover your strength after the tour, the Vargas family will serve you a delicious lunch at their family restaurant before heading back.

Duration: 4 hours

Inclusive: Guide, lunch

Level of Difficulty: Medium

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