Costa Rica Rural Tours



The project "Vacations with farmer families" values the workperformed by our voluntary people, so we invite you to be partof our program and to enjoy farmer culture and life in rural areas.

The purpose of this program is to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities by carrying out community work, like painting churches or schools, cleaning trails in our biological reserves or any other type of need existing in the community or in family farms.

Concrete steps to arrange a voluntary service stay in a community:

Our office receives information from other communities about their working needs or community work. According to these needs, we establish together with the volunteers the type of task they are interested in performing, both at individual and group level.

Then we will appraise the conditions under which male and female volunteers will be in the community regarding aspects like lodging, food, transportation, days off and if they wish to carry out any type of recreational activity on weekends.

People interested in sharing with us a voluntary service will be integrated into a family.

This type of program will also help you to improve your languages skills. If you are learning Spanish and you want to practice it, this is a very good option to do so!

You can stay with us as long as you wish; one, two, three or more weeks. The rate is 175 US $ per week per person. It includes lodging and food. This rate may undergo variations if there are changes regarding location.

You can request more information related to this program at the following e-mail address: